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May 25, 2018 at 8:50 am

I wish I had a good answer for you but I don’t. I would say to check the FB group on this but they were clueless as was the Slack group in the sense they don’t have any inside track on what MC is doing.

My workaround has been to document the steps we’ve taken for the various issues we discovered, keep that updated but available should an ICO request be received. If you are testing and can show that with email trails etc then I think you’re in good shape if not fully compliant.

We ARE using the opportunity to clean up those where we think the member has ‘rotted’ as a way of reducing our exposure. We are doing that through segmentation, re-engagement campaigns and then taking a view from there. It’s an ongoing exercise and debate since it radically changes the metrics by which we understand engagement.

One of the REALLY big issues as I see it is the business of deletion. If we don’t have consent then why can I still see that member’s info, even though they have unsubscribed? This is a major weakness over which it is hard for us to prove sufficient list management control. MC has not answered that definitively though they say that list owners need better tools to solve the problem. But as we know – being aware and delivering functionality are two very different things.

The bottom line is that they failed to understand that GDPR is ‘privacy by design’ but my sense is that once they see the impact then they’ll do better. They have to or people like me will move elsewhere.

The good news is that regulators are not going to go nuts fining every man and his dog. They want to see we are being pro-active. In our case ‘we have to eat our own dog food’ or we’re toast in the eyes of our readers.

It’s pain right now but, I think one where we will all benefit over time so I’m OK with sticking with solving the problems in the knowledge I will have a clean, useful accurate and reliable database of people who are genuinely interested in what we have to offer.

Not the best answer I know but one I hope helps move your use case forward.

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Unlikely MailChimp based in the Georgia, USA is paying as much attention to GDPR as customers who by jurisdiction are bound to comply with GDPR as matter of law. Perhaps a UK/EU email list provider will rise up like a phoenix and properly address GDPR.

May 25, 2018 at 10:12 am

Au contraire mon petit – these are EXACTLY the kind of companies that GDPR is aimed at and you can bet ICO in the UK plus others will come after them big time – after they’ve finished with FANG.

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Brainstorm is an 1983 American science fiction film directed by FOOTWEAR Ankle boots Caf 4knsK
, and starring Christopher Walken , Natalie Wood (in her final film role), Louise Fletcher and Cliff Robertson .

It follows a research team's efforts to perfect a system that directly records the sensory and emotional feelings of a subject, and the efforts by the company's management to exploit the device for military ends.


A team of scientists invent a brain/computer interface that allows sensations to be recorded from a person's brain and converted to tape so that others may experience them. The team includes estranged husband and wife Michael and Karen Brace, as well as Michael's colleague Lillian Reynolds. At CEO Alex Terson's instruction, the team demonstrates the device to investors in order to gain financing.

Karen dons the recorder while working with Michael and Lillian. When Michael plays the tape back, the group realizes that emotional experiences are also recorded. Michael tapes his memories of times with Karen, which he shares with her, and it leads to their reconciliation.

Lillian is pressured by backers to admit as a member of the team a former colleague, Landon Marks, whom she sees as part of the military-industrial complex . She disagrees with their plan to have the invention developed for military use.

One team member, Gordy Forbes, has sexual intercourse while wearing the recorder, and he shares the tape with colleagues, including Hal Abramson. Hal splices one section of the tape into a continuous orgasm, which results in sensory overload, leading to his forced retirement. Tensions increase as the possibilities for abuse become clear.

Already suffering from heart problems and a constant cigarette smoker, Lillian suffers a heart attack while working alone. Realizing that she is about to die, Lillian records her experience.

Following her funeral, Michael decides to experience Lillian's recording, but he nearly dies when the playback causes his body to simulate the sensations and effects of a heart attack. Michael modifies his console to filter the physical output, and he replays the tape. Viewing Lillian's death experience, he sees "memory bubbles" —moments from Lillian's life. Michael experiences Lillian's memories of a humorous exchange with Michael as he plays with an industrial robot , a surprise birthday party, and being devastated when Alex tells her that an earlier project has been cancelled.

Dr. Chiara Altafin

Dr. Chiara Altafin is the EMA Fellow specialising in International Law for the academic year 2017/2018. In this role she liaises with EMA professors and students, and teaches the International Law Rolling Seminar as well as academic and practical skills classes.

Chiara holds a Ph.D in International Law from the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, an LL.M in Comparative, European and International Law from the EUI, a Master’s Degree in Rule of Law, Democracy and Human Rights from LUISS University in Rome, and a Law Degree (summa cum laude) from Roma Tre University. She was a visiting research scholar at the Center for International and Comparative Law of the University of Michigan

Law School in Ann Arbor. Her doctoral dissertation examines the role, function and adequacy of public international law to deal with civilians’ access to, enjoyment and progressive realization of economic, social and cultural rights as controversially affected during and in the aftermath of contemporary scenarios of armed conflict and contexts of occupied territories.

At EIUC Chiara has also worked as senior researcher on the FRAME Project - “Fostering Human Rights Among European (External and Internal) Policies” - funded by the European Commission. Over the last nine years Chiara has worked as research and teaching assistant to the chairs of International Law, International Criminal Law, Human Rights and International Protection, International Organization and Human Rights, International Protection of Cultural Heritage, at the Departments of Law and of Political Science of LUISS University in Rome. She was a member of the LUISS research team on the 7FP PRIV-WAR Project on “Regulating privatisation of ‘war’: the role of the EU in assuring the compliance with international humanitarian law and human rights” (2008-2011). Chiara has conducted research and editorial activities for the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in Rome, in particular concerning contemporary piracy, the conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh, coercive diplomacy and sanctions in international law. Before becoming a qualified lawyer before the Italian Bar Association, she worked as a trainee lawyer at Avvocatura Generale dello Stato in Rome.


Tel: FOOTWEAR Loafers Minna Parikka ums1l

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Dr. Wiebke Lamer

Dr. Wiebke Lamer is the EMA Fellow specialising in International Relations for the academic year 2016/2017. In this role she liaises with EMA professors and students, and teaches the International Relations Rolling Seminar as well as academic and practical skills classes.

Wiebke holds a Ph.D. in International Studies from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, USA, and Master’s degrees in International Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy from the University of Leicester and the University of London, respectively. Her doctoral dissertation examines the treatment of press freedom in the international human rights framework, specifically at the UN. Wiebke taught several courses on International Relations, International Political Economy and Comparative Politics at universities in the Norfolk, Virginia area.

She also interned for NATO’s Civil-Military Fusion Centre and Allied Command Transformation in the U.S. Her current research interests include communication rights, international organizations, and the global politics of press freedom, with emphasis on the role of the media and NGOs in promoting freedom of the press as a human right.

Before embarking on her graduate studies, Wiebke worked as an online marketing specialist at Google’s European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.


Tel: +39 041 2720920

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EMA Executive Officer

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By Jillian Richardson on April 13, 2018 in U Simon A Mens Mocassins Geox WkbNObip7d

Can anyone (“anyone” meaning real, live folks with regular jobs) actually afford to work just three days per week?

Surprisingly, the simple answer is: Yes.

Believe it or not, people roam this earth who thrive on part-time work, pay all their bills, and continue to avoid an untimely death from Ramen-related scurvy. Even better, three of them have agreed to spill their self-employment secrets to help you put your Freedom Friday plans into motion.

Who are these magicians? Meet Nita Baum, the founder of b*Free and a former consultant for the Chicago public school system, Kean Keeks, a property manager and the founder of Womens 23603 LowTop Sneakers Tamaris Z4l6MfW
, and‘The Consultant,’ a startup professional who chose to remain anonymous (but wanted to give the Trello readers some great tips, anyways).

This is the story of how they’ve hacked their life to get more work done in less time, and how you too can start to reduce your workload without compromising your paycheck.

Part-Time Professions

Before you enter into this alluring world, do note: The biggest (and most common) step to take towards full-time reward for part-time effort is self-employment. You might be hard-pressed to find an employer who’s willing to pay you for more hours than you put in, but when you offer a service as a consultant, you can factor your expertise, connections, and more into your fees.

This isn’t to mention opportunities for “passive income,” which you can earn, for example, by selling products online that deliver you a return separate of your time spent earning income. Always carefully consider the pros and cons of becoming your own boss when assessing your professional and financial future.

So exactly what kinds of professions allow people to reduce their hours spent in the office? For these seasoned three-day weekers, the opportunities are as creative as their outlook on work-life balance. For instance, Kean Keek’s property management expertise expands beyond his company:

Nita Baum’s current work as a freelance business consultant spun out of her previous full-time roles:

The Consultant expanded on the core function of his previous roles as well, looking at how to hone in on exactly what made him effective as an expert in his field:

Making The Leap To Fewer Work Days

Speaking with each professional, one shared truth is clear: a schedule this sweet doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of negotiation, trust-building, and the kind of financial planning that allows a person to walk away from a deal that doesn’t offer the right return.

For Nita, getting to a 3 day work week required building her skill sets and relationships over time with this goal in mind. For example, she already had a solid relationship with the person who promoted her into her new role. That meant that he trusted her enough to give her the reins over her workweek. Plus, since Nita had a deep understanding of the standard rates in her industry, she was equipped to effectively negotiate for herself:

When your bank account is low, it’s easy to let negotiation fly out the window. That’s why careful planning around income versus expenses is key to confidently asking for what you want in the workplace. This approach helped The Consultant land the type of job that he wanted:

Knowing what number will afford you the lifestyle you want is necessary when sourcing opportunities, he notes: “I knew that I wanted only one paying client, and I wanted to be on retainer. So, to negotiate, I pretty much took my salary from my last job, combined it with the value of the equity I had, and cut it in half.”

Work-Life Balance: Lessons Learned

Beyond financial matters, making the leap to a three day workweek also needs some personal development and planning. When it comes to learning how to pick the right opportunities, staying disciplined with your time, and finding a work-life balance, the struggle is real. Says Kean:

When you go from being micromanaged to doing everything on your own, figuring out how to arrange your day–– and stick to the plan––can be a challenge. That’s exactly what he ran up against when he started creating his own calendar:

For Kean, a small tweak to his time management made a world of difference. He learned to create systems for himself, so that he didn’t waste time thinking about how he was going to schedule his day:

The biggest reason to create a system? Because time has more value when you have less of it , concludes Kean:

Nita faced an additional problem. When she made the transition to the solopreneur lifestyle, she suddenly had to come to grips with having full control over her time––her identity:

She decided to bring spirituality and creativity into her time management process, developing a technique to curate her day that felt productive and maintainable:

So I only listened deeply to the things that resonated with me. I only consumed things that felt like they really resonated with my truths. I got really specific. I said I'm not eating food, I'm not watching movies, television, or any kind of media if it doesn't deeply connect with me. And that led to the founding of b*Free, which basically is me and will be me for the rest of my life.”

Knowing your worth is a huge part of getting that balance right. Understand the unique value that you provide, and let that guide you to the types of clients and contracts you truly want. And when they find you, make your value and intentions clear, explains The Consultant, in order to achieve your ideal result:

But how do you reach that point where people are coming to you for your services? Professional networking, both online and offline, is a great place to start: “To gain that interest, you need to do interesting work and put it out there where people can find it. Work on your brand to a point where people know you for being good, and start building that pipeline of interest.”

The 3-Day Workweek Toolkit

The “three day a week” workers recommended a ton of resources, tools, and tips for building awesome work-life balance. Start hacking your workweek with this handy list:

Time-Saving Tools

Inspiring Reads

Reading is a big part of the process for all three professionals, and here are some of their top suggestions:

Daily Practices

Nita recommends having a regular practice that enhances self-awareness—the skill that will lead you to your professional desires. This could include:

Unlock Your Time

Working for less than half the week can seem like an impossible dream. Yet in reality, reaching that milestone requires the same type of effort that you would put into any other work endeavor: Become known for your skills, build closer business relationships, and learn how to take ownership over every aspect of your life.

Even exploring the concept will reveal a lot about yourself, says Keen: “I’ve been kind of forced to rise to the occasion, which has helped me learn a lot of things about myself.”

Adds Nita:

If these stories are any indication of what’s possible, Freedom Friday might not be so far away after all.


“I rent my own Airbnbs and help facilitate other Airbnbs. It averages three days a week or less, but it’s seasonal. During the heavier seasons, like tour seasons, I might work four days a week. And then it's a whole season where I'm working one day a week.”

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